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How do I deal with the constant whinging from 15 month old?

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ChangeIsNear Fri 15-Aug-14 15:02:01

My 15 month old has been constantly whinging for the past two weeks. I don't know what to do. If i take him out then he is fine, but at home, he is constantly whinging? hmm

How do I deal with it? Any tips?

3littlefrogs Fri 15-Aug-14 15:04:48

Sounds normal to me.
He is bored and requires constant entertainment/distraction.
I found that the only thing to do was to go out as much as possible and walk miles, only returning home for food and toilet purposes.

I used to be the only person in the park at 08.00 hrs.

3littlefrogs Fri 15-Aug-14 15:05:52

I did lose loads of weight though, what with walking upwards of 10 miles a day. So not all bad.

ChangeIsNear Fri 15-Aug-14 21:56:34

Thanks, it is so exhausting! hmm

3littlefrogs Sat 16-Aug-14 10:40:57

However - do be aware of overtiredness/overstimulation. It is a tricky line to walk.

When they start walking they need more food, more drinks and more sleep while they adjust to the greater expenditure of energy. He will need a nap in the afternoon for about 2 hours as well as at least 10 hours at night. If he doesn't sleep well at night he will need a short nap and a long nap during the day.

Routine is everything at this age. Toddlers need to know what is coming next. They have a short attention span so need very simple updates frequently. Also, they are not good with choices so don't ask what they want to do, just say we are going to the shops/park/whatever, then we will have lunch (for example).

I think it helps if you completely lower your expectations of getting much done. If I managed to get one load of shopping, or one wash load done in a day I was glad.

It is worth focusing on them because they are calmer, sleep better, and you can get things done while they are asleep.

They love to "help" at this age too, so unpacking shopping, sorting laundry, tidying shoes, putting things in pairs etc make them really happy.

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