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straw poll - what out of school activities do your kids do?

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thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat Sat 16-Sep-06 19:26:16

Just interested to know what's normal - would half like my dd to do gynastics but half thing it would be too much. Also interested as to how many people do stuff at the weekend. So 3 qs - how old are they? what do they do? when?
dd1 (6):
Tuesday - piano
Wednesday - art club (at school - her choice)
Thursday - French club (again, at school and again, her choice)
Friday - swimming (non-negotiable - until she can confidently swim a length or so)

motherinferior Sat 16-Sep-06 19:28:47

Oh bugger: bugger-all. DD1 may do dance club at school if she gets in. And I keep not getting round to signing them up for swimming lessons. Thing is, she goes to after school club/a friend's house four days a week as it is...

foxinsocks Sat 16-Sep-06 19:29:04

After school - swimming
In-school - French and Spanish

(last term we did tennis and swimming after school and personally, I felt 2 activities was just too much for her)

ds(4) - only at school half days
after school or Sat morning - football
after school - swimming

motherinferior Sat 16-Sep-06 19:30:19

I am kind of holding out for after school activities till they're both at school and I work different hours. And I hate the idea of cramming the weekend full of structured activities, although I'd be happy with a Saturday or Sunday morning one. Like the swimming I've not quite sorted out yet.

foxinsocks Sat 16-Sep-06 19:31:40

I find Sat morning a total pain (but prob more because dh is always at work that day). Once ds is 5 he can do it after school.

I'm not the biggest fan of after school activities - mine are just too knackered!

motherinferior Sat 16-Sep-06 19:32:55

I would actually like DD1 to do stuff on-site at school instead of after school club, but she's only eligible for dance at the moment.

I tried to get her to do a Sunday morning African drumming class but she backed out at the last minute.

SherlockLGJ Sat 16-Sep-06 19:34:08

DS (5)is doing Golf on a Monday, after school, when I told my Mum she roared laughing and said that is soooooooooooo Surrey.

He does football on a Thursday.

Mercy Sat 16-Sep-06 19:40:37

dd 5.5 - none.

For various reasons.

charliecat Sat 16-Sep-06 19:43:38

Girls5 and 8. Both swimming sunday night and tuesday night.
Nothing else after school time.
Music club, recorder club at school.

USAUKMum Sat 16-Sep-06 19:50:23

Tues: Swimming
Fri: Ballet, but has just requested to try out Tap & Modern (both taught in same class)

Wed: Tumble Tots
Fri: Swimming

WideWebWitch Sat 16-Sep-06 19:51:23

ds, nearly 9, nothing at all, never has done
dd, nearly 3, nothing at all, never has done
weekends are for being together with no work/nursery/school so often spent lolling, watching films, going for picnics or walks, cooking, or, sometimes, spending all day in our pyjamas.

Gobbledigook Sat 16-Sep-06 19:57:06

Ds1 (5.5)
Monday - karate (1 hr)
Wednesday - football (1.5 hr - thinking of dropping this)
Thursday - French (30 mins)
Saturday - swimming lesson (30 mins)
Sunday - football (not started yet - next week)

Ds2 (3.10)
Saturday - swimming lesson (30 mins)
He is too young to join karate or football or french as yet.

Pastarito Sat 16-Sep-06 19:58:35

ds1 7.5: Fri swimming, Thurs football, Sat stagecoach and about to start piano.
ds2 4: Fri swimming, Sat stagecoach

sounds like a lot altho swimming is only half an hour an they still have plenty of time to chill out and play. I wouldn't want to do any more than these.

Debbiethemum Sat 16-Sep-06 19:58:52

DS (5)
Sat morning Swimming
Sun morning Rugby

DD (2)
Sat morning Swimming
used to have Music class Fri morning, nothing this term, maybe Dance next term (apparently very informal, dance round Mummy who is a tree etc)

The swimming is at 8:30, which is a killer - only time that the two classes coincide, but does mean we get the rest of the day to ourselves

Debbiethemum Sat 16-Sep-06 19:59:49

Oh & I work 4Mon to Thurs so like to keep Friday for play dates

kid Sat 16-Sep-06 20:01:37

DD (7)
Friday - swimming
She was doing French and Art club but that finished in July.

DD (4)
Wednesday - swimming
He is desperate to go football club but is still a bit young, once he turns 5, he can go.

gegs73 Sat 16-Sep-06 20:01:54

Pastarito - how do yours get on with StageCoach? Thinking of signing ds up when he is old enough. Does it make them more confident etc?

ohforgoodnesssakegetalife Sat 16-Sep-06 20:05:01


far, far, far too much. But then again, I think you know that and that's why you started this thread. I reckon you want people to say 'wow!'

southeastastra Sat 16-Sep-06 20:06:31

send them to a/s clubs they're great! (i have to say that because i do one!)

fullmoonfiend Sat 16-Sep-06 20:07:52

ds2 is not a great group activities one, but he likes swimming, cubs, chess club (lunchtimes) and wants to learn guitar.
He would far rather have friends round or go out somewhere than do activities. I'd like him to try a martial art soon though.
Ds2 does swimming and is starting cubs.

trefusis Sat 16-Sep-06 20:09:55

Message withdrawn

AngelaChill Sat 16-Sep-06 20:16:26

Mine do something every night except friday and that is reserved for playdates. They are 4 and 6.

badkarma Sat 16-Sep-06 20:25:53

dd 4 (5 in december)

Monday: After schools club where they teach her Irish language and free play.

Tuesday: nothing (I pick her up after school and we play or go to park, swimming..whatever she wants.

Wednesday: After schools club, tin whistle group on Wednesdays and free play.

Thursday: After schools club, baking day and free play.

Friday: Nothing (same as Tuesday)

Sat AM: Irish dance.

Sunday is a day for family and we all chill.

She asks and wants to go to the after schools club, most of her friends go and she gains confidence... I like it

hana Sat 16-Sep-06 20:36:27

we just do 2 things - she has just started school and I think that's plenty - ballet and swimming lessons. We do ~( or will!) go to drop ins and play centers, libraries etc in afternoons as she isn't full time until January.
they can do too much I think at too young

julienetmum Sat 16-Sep-06 20:39:12

Dd (almost 5)

Tues : After School Care (I work)
Wed : Ballet (held as an after school club)
Fri : Stagecoach

She wants to do gymnastics but at school it clashes with ballet and Little Gym nearby is twice the price per hour of Stagecoach

Ds (aged 2)
Thursday : Tumble Tots

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