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My 5 year old is becoming uncontrolable

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Kimberley90 Wed 06-Aug-14 13:39:29

My 5 year old sons behaviour has recently took a turn for the worse!! He shouts at me his dad and grandparents, he wont listen to instructions and will laugh in my face when i discipline him and worryingly he has started to punch and kick me and physically attack me when he cant get his own way i have tried time outs, taking toys, shouting louder and ignoring it! Nothing seems to work, he is an only child and gets all my attention i dont know what to do please help?...

Davsmum Wed 06-Aug-14 16:04:07

It is hard to say without knowing the background to it all.
Your DS will get worse if in the past you have given in to him or not been consistent with him,
Chopping and changing what you do is confusing for him.

You need to decide which method you want to adopt and be consistent - and always try to stay calm but firm.
If he is not getting firm, consistent discipline he will be confused and angry and frustrated.
Is his Dad and grandparents the same with him as you are? Does he behave better for anyone else?

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