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Did anyone's lo lose the ability to suck their thumb?

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Natalie77 Mon 04-Aug-14 16:31:20

My lo is 3 months old. Over the past couple of weeks she's been sucking her thumb, which was brilliant, because I've always bf her to sleep which is biting us as I can't put her down now without waking her and she can't (without massive crying fit) fall without boob.

Am human mattress! Was feeling positive about some gentle sleep training while she was sucking thumb, but this week she can't do it to her frustration. She used to do it open hand but now she goes with clenched fist which doesn't work! And she can't get a good suck on it no matter how hard she tries.

Did anyone's lo lose the ability? And if they did, did they get it back quickly?!!! Please??!!

bayrans Tue 05-Aug-14 09:01:21

Yes mine stopped at about 4 months too, she has never sucked her thumb again. We then used a dummy just to get her off to sleep as she was also a bf to sleep baby.

I think your baby is a little young for sleep training. As you've found out with the thumb sucking, things change quite quickly.

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