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Is it 'normal' for a baby to get this many colds?

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Taler Mon 04-Aug-14 07:04:08

Yesterday started sneezing again after less than a week of getting over the previous one. Today it is full-on snotsville yet again!

I was warned that when she started nursery she'd be more susceptible to things but this is ridiculous! Her previous cold lasted the best part of a month!!

Will it ever end?

Taler Mon 04-Aug-14 07:05:33

Oh, and I am of course aware that this will help to build her immune system

bigoldbird Mon 04-Aug-14 07:07:45

I am not a medico of any sort, however, DD1 had a cold every six weeks, regular as clockwork. This was always followed by a chest infection and a trip to the doctors. I apologised once for taking her so often and he said he would expect to see little ones regularly and that it was always a doctor worthy trip. DD2 visited the doctor about 3 times in the first ten years of her life. It is probably normal, but if you are concerned I would get in touch with the surgery. It is awful when they are ill so often, so tiring for all concerned.

Liveinthepresent Mon 04-Aug-14 07:25:26

Yes in my experience totally normal - especially if just started nursery.
For me with DS they literally all blurred together - and it was a cause for celebration when he had a full cold free week.
Hideous time.
It's over now thank goodness - though he has developed a hacking cough over the weekend.
I won't say how long it lasted as it may not be music to your ears.

MrsBungle Mon 04-Aug-14 07:27:24

I'm not medical either but I would say yes! Both of my children had bloody constant colds! I suppose they are coming across viruses for the first time and need to build their defences. My 5 year old now hardly ever gets a cold, my 2 year old gets far fewer nowadays.

CallingAllEngels Mon 04-Aug-14 07:36:51

The first winter ds was at nursery he had bad colds or sinus infections 5 did we. The amount of time I had to take off work was unbelievable.

newnamesamegame Mon 04-Aug-14 17:35:23

I remember having exactly the same concern during my dd's first year. I asked that question of one of the numerous GPs I saw about it. He told me that on average, a child will get between 12 and 14 respiratory infections in its first year, the majority of which will be concentrated in the winter.

Their immune systems are totally virgin and are being blasted by a constant onslaught of bugs. When they go to nursery this is massively increased as well.

Its a total nightmare and something you forget about after they are past it, but it is completely normal.

CorporateRockWhore Mon 04-Aug-14 21:28:35

DS had a cold from last November until about 3 weeks ago, with the odd week off. Not many snot free weeks though! It was gross.

Taler Mon 04-Aug-14 22:44:16

Reassuring to know we are not alone in snotsville

naty1 Tue 05-Aug-14 17:41:09

I bf and think DD had first cold at 11m.
She caught a lot of stuff from nursery at 12m. (Diarrheoa, coughs and vomiting but still no chest issues which is great as i worry about her having my asthma.
Have you considered vitamin drops?

Linguaphile Tue 05-Aug-14 19:53:40

I've heard somewhere that up to 12 colds a year is normal for a child in nursery or school! 6-8 per year is average for children under six, I think.

Taler Tue 05-Aug-14 21:55:04

Naty1 yes actually DH enquired only today about vitamins at local chemist. Was told she'll be getting all she needs from her milk but once she starts having less than 500ml milk a day we can then introduce vitamins

DeWee Wed 06-Aug-14 18:21:00

Does depend on the child.

Dd1 had her first temperature/illness at 15 months. Didn't even have one with her vaccinations. She's still at 13yo very rarely ill. She did have pneumonia very badly at 8yo and was weak for about 6 months after that, but she hasn't missed a day off school for illness since pneumonia and rarely even has colds.

Dd2 had chickenpox at 6 months,diagnosed with asthma at 18 months. She gets abdominal migraines/actual migraines, and if she runs a temperature you're looking at 40degrees plus, but other than those a cold is very unusual, and she doesn't get sickness bugs much either.

Ds had his first ear infection at 3 months and had them continuously every 10-14 days from then until his first set of grommet at 20 months. He's been rushed to A&E several times with viral (non-fading) rashes, and has been on a drip with a sickness bug...he gets all the bugs passed round.

minipie Wed 06-Aug-14 20:38:07

DD was ill constantly from end of August (age 10 months) to April. It was literally back to back illnesses, no gaps. Some colds, some tummy bugs, hand foot and mouth, viral conjunctivitis... all minor but not fun.
And she doesn't even go to nursery! (this was all from playgroups).

So yes - normal I'm afraid.

Speaking to other mums it seems quite a lot of babies are taken to hospital at some point in their first year (v high fevers etc) so I guess we were lucky to have nothing that serious!

TATTandMUS Wed 06-Aug-14 21:21:33

As someone above said it's completely normal to have 10-12 viral upper respiratory infections in a year and as these can last from 2-3 weeks each it's normal for them to be snotty/coughing for 2-3 weeks a month!

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