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18mo says hardly anything. Should I be worried?

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thebigpotato Sun 03-Aug-14 17:16:53

My DS has just turn 18m. He's a very sociable and happy (and somewhat mischievous!) little boy. He waves and smiles at absolutely everyone he sees and he loves other children and pets. He crawled and walked early and is good with his hands. For example, at 14mo he picked up a key and within a few seconds he had opened a locked drawer in my desk.

But he hardly says anything. He's never really babbled away like other babies seem to do. He says "Ma" if I'm not there and he's wants me and has one or twice called DH "Da". He doesn't say yes or no (although he has an affirmative sound when he means yes and he shakes his head for no). And that's the extent of his speech.

He understands everything we say to him and has no trouble making himself understood in other ways (pointing, guiding our hands etc). He is very stubborn and doesn't give up until he's been understood.

He doesn't react to his name when we call him by it - although I'm sure he's not deaf as he can hear if we whisper.

DS spends a few hours each day with his nanny, who speaks Spanish to him. She says that he doesn't say anything in Spanish either, but understands everything she says to him.

So, I'm wondering whether we just need to give DS some time to catch up as he's learning two languages, or whether we should ask our HV if we should have DS evaluated. Has anyone had a similar experience with their kids and how did things turn out?

Misfitless Sun 03-Aug-14 17:45:13

Check with the HV because you're worried enough to post, but, I wouldn't be overly concerned.

My DS didn't communicate well verbally until he was well over 2 years old and he has no problems at all now.

When he started talking, he quickly caught up. I think he lacked confidence. He was reluctant to talk because people couldn't understand him when he tried, so he sort of gave up.

When he was about 2 1/2, his baby sister was making baby noises one day, and I encouraged him to make baby noises back and had a lightening strike was like I'd given him licence to try out the sounds, like a baby would, without having to make any sense.

He used to do this to his sister, and eventually grasped all the sounds and started talking not soon after.

Not sure if any of this is relevant, but I know it helped my DS, and I wish someone had told me about it when he was little.

thebigpotato Sun 03-Aug-14 18:18:35

Thanks Misfitless, it's hard not to be worried with the milestones charts saying that he should have at least 10 words and be starting to string them together. I think I'll go and see my HV this week just in case.

Superworm Sun 03-Aug-14 19:44:49

DS did to say anything aside from up and mama until he was almost two. He didn't point until he was 22 months either.

Talks constantly now at 2.4 years.

murphy36 Mon 04-Aug-14 14:32:29

All kids develop at different rates, I think 18m is a bit early to know if there is a problem. Just need to encourage him as much as you can talk to him and any noise he makes try and say the nearest sounding word, name his toys when he plays with them and the food etc. etc. if he's hitting all his other milestones I'd give it another few months personally

MrsWinnibago Mon 04-Aug-14 17:02:42

My friends DD is 19 months and says Mama and Dada and that's it. My friend isn't worried...

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