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Is this sibling rivalry?

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passmethewineplease Sat 02-Aug-14 15:21:01

My four and a half year old has started to become quite mean to her baby brother who's nine months.

She isn't left out in anyway and I've tried doing what all the books/sites have suggested by including her in everything and spending one on one time with her.

It's actually beginning to worry me sad everywhere I go I see doting big sisters and it seems like my DD really resents DS.

Sometimes she will hold his hand but will do it rather aggressively? Yesterday she was also playing with her new tea set and pretended to pour it over him and said how hot it was?

Is this normal? I'm lost tbh this is all new to me.

hmmmum Tue 05-Aug-14 11:30:26

I'm afraid I can't help much, I just have one kid so far so no experience in this area, but I hope someone else will be on to offer advice soon.
From what I've heard it does sound very normal - normal, but also something you obviously want to address before it gets worse. In the meantime though I wouldn't panic, I've heard about other children acting this way towards their siblings.
There's a book on amazon called Siblings Without Rivalry that might be helpful... I haven't read it yet but was planning to at some point as pregnant with my second.
Anyway sounds like you're a lovely mum doing a great job!

DeWee Wed 06-Aug-14 18:30:02

My experience is about 9 months is when the older ones begin to find the new baby quite irritating. They're mobile so pinching their things/spoiling their games. they don't want to be held and cuddled like a doll. The 4yo is just realising they're there to stay AND they take up mummy's time.

I would focus on praising her when she's nice and telling her how proud you are that she's such a brilliant big sister. And make sure she is able to play her games without baby nipping in and taking things.

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