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how do I discipline a 2.5 year old who isn't talking yet?

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booksandchoc Wed 30-Jul-14 13:11:36

DD pretty much gets away with murder and it has to stop.

DH and I have been far to soft on her, we try to tell her no but most often end up giving in to whatever she wants.

Atm she's been crying/whining to getting our bedroom to watch the TV. I've refused so far and tried explaining to her but I can't have a conversation with her.

I'm going to end with a horrible little brat if I dont make changes now.

Vitalstatistix Wed 30-Jul-14 13:17:37

I would just physically remove them while saying "no"

Really it does come down to you and your ability to stick to what you say.

First thing I do is take a moment to decide if I even WANT to say no.

so why are you saying no? Is no what you want to say for a particular reason or (like me) have you fallen into this no no no no no trap without actually thinking ok, why is it no, why isn't it yes?

That way, if it really is a no, you stick to it calmly and don't give in.

In the case of the TV, if there's a reason she can't watch tv in the bedroom for a bit, I'd turn it off every time she came in and take her back to her room or downstairs or wherever she needed to be.

ouryve Wed 30-Jul-14 13:28:59

I'm assuming that it's been checked, but if her hearing is OK, then her receptive language will most likely be ahead of her spoken language.

Don't enter into lengthy explanations. It's pointless, anyhow, particularly if she's tired or cross or being a bit giddy.

Keep instructions simple eg "Not, that's hot, it will burn you."
If you say "No TV" then let her watch TV, anyhow, then she's not going to learn the meaning of no.

A "First...then" approach may work better. "First, we need to have breakfast, then you can watch TV." Gives her a concrete explanation without being wordy.

booksandchoc Wed 30-Jul-14 13:37:43

She has an appt for a hearing test in a few weeks, she can understand everything pretty well, if I ask her to get shoes or coat or cup she can get them, if she wants outside instead of staying no, I've started telling her shoes first.

She's not getting in the bedroom to watch TV because she makes a mess with bedcovers and pillows and jumps on the bed. The TV wasn't even on, normally I would put it on and 5 mins later she would be back through the Livingroom.

I've tried the first... then.... Approach but she just doesn't get it apart from going outside, I'll have to persevere I think.

I just want her to talk to me, we both are getting so frustrated at points!!

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