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Introducing autistic child into a new relationship

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proudestdaddy Wed 30-Jul-14 08:36:34

Hi folks, I just need a vent/someone to offer some type of advice please.
I am a very proud father to my son aged 6, he is on the autistic spectrum although I believe it's very mild, although he does fascinate himself and obsess with things regularly.
I have just moved into the home of my partner of two years, this week I have had my son to stay in the new house and his behaviour has deteriorated/regressed. He is crying a lot, he wet the bed last night.
I know the change will be difficult for him, I know that it's a lot to take in, especially, since his mum and I separated and divorced I bought a house two minutes walk from his front door and now I'm ten miles from him

It's just so saddening for me to see him acting this way and I've never experience it with him before. And I'm so so stressed and worried about the future.
Can someone please tell me things will be ok! Has anyone else been through this?

MrsWinnibago Wed 30-Jul-14 14:43:14

I do hard. But I think you will get more informed advice if you post on the special needs board where Autism is a popular topic of conversation and many posters have children on the spectrum.

The only advice I can give is perhaps to work with your ex on helping your son to get used to the changes. Maybe a diary with photos in it...of the new house and your partner and you and DS...each room in the book and your ex could discuss the rooms, the routine and the new things...your ex could chat with him about it all before his next trip.

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