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Toilet training gone backwards - 3.5yr old girl

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stephenf Tue 29-Jul-14 10:31:09


Firstly, sorry if this is graphic!

Our daughter has not had regular 'poo' accidents for over a year, and has been using the toilet in all of that time.

We had our second child at Easter and everyone said she would regress. She didn't immediately, but in the last 2 months she started having the odd accident - literally a 'ball of poo' stuck in her bottom sometimes.

Now, it is almost every day. She says she doesn't know she is doing it but she has a loo on her face that suggests she does.

Desperate to get this sorted before the new school term. Any ideas?


merlehaggard Tue 29-Jul-14 23:44:13

Is she constipated perhaps? A ball of poo would more indicate a constipated child. Are you just expecting her to regress and it possibly have another cause perhaps? I wouldn't really expect a 3.5 year old to regress. Perhaps take her to the doctors so he can feel her tummy to give advice on whether she's constipated and take it from there. If you really think that there is more to it after this, then I would try a reward chart.

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