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What age did your dc learn to climb stairs?

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RubberBulletKisses Mon 28-Jul-14 19:22:03

And when did they learn to get back down again? Ds is 11 months and can crawl up them, as we discovered when we left the stairgate open recently blush no idea how to teach him to come down safely though! He can't walk yet, just cruising...

alardi Mon 28-Jul-14 19:36:12

I think mine learned high speed tummy slides down backwards around 13-14 months old.

BeanyIsPregnant Mon 28-Jul-14 19:38:26

My dd managed to scramble up the stairs on hands and knees about 16 month (we live in a flat!) and never really mastered coming down safely whilst on hands and knees, now does stairs 'properly' holding onto the handrail up and down at 18mo

BigWLittleJ Mon 28-Jul-14 20:23:22

DS1 has just learnt to come down one foot after the other, holding on to the handrail, at 24 months. He was crawling up from sixish months (very early crawler), and has just this week started to walk up.

ChatEnOeuf Tue 29-Jul-14 09:47:47

10m, scrambled up and came down backwards on her tummy.

beccajoh Tue 29-Jul-14 09:49:44

About 10 months. She figured out tummy sliding back down fairly soon after.

ShelaghTurner Tue 29-Jul-14 09:50:58

As soon as they could drag themselves around really. We did put a stair gate up but I was quite keen that they learn to handle the stairs ASAP and my 2.5yo is very safe on them. Still needs watching of course but she knows what not to do, even if the 6yo is trying to see how far up the stairs she can jump from hmm

CaurnieBred Tue 29-Jul-14 09:59:13

Once she was able to crawl up them I sat on the stairs with DD and played/taught her how to turn around at the top and come down/slide backwards - she must have been around 10/11 months at the time. She used the coming down backwards method for a long time, even once she was toddling. From there she moved onto bumping down on her bottom until she felt confident herself to hold on and walk.

Fairylea Tue 29-Jul-14 10:00:30

Ds is just over 2 and can go up but can't come down safely on his own. We have stairgates up and we only let him go up with one of us right behind him.

RubberBulletKisses Tue 29-Jul-14 10:24:59

Quite a range there then, thanks for your replies! Wonder if I might be able to start teaching him some sort of sliding technique now then...

BocaDeTrucha Tue 29-Jul-14 14:39:58

Ds is 10 months and recently discovered the joys of stair climbing. I've just scooped him up and brought him down as I can't bear the thought of him coming down..... No nice soft carpet for us, just rock hard wood on concrete to tummy slide down!!! Still, the sooner he learns the better I guess?

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