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tummy time - help

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Curlyweasel Mon 28-Jul-14 11:22:24

ds is just over 12 weeks. head is slightly wonky and we're encouraging him to sleep with his head on alternate sides to remedy this. also doing tummy time, but he just will NOT lift his head or support himself in any way no matter what we do... he just tends to lie face down and then get upset. any tips would be most welcome.

Loops81 Mon 28-Jul-14 12:16:06

I have exactly the same problems - wonky head and hatred of tummy time! How are you encouraging him to sleep with his head on alternate sides? I find it impossible as she just nods off to the same side each time.

beccajoh Mon 28-Jul-14 12:18:33

My son is six months and only in the last month has he been happy on his tummy. Before then he'd either cry or lick the carpet. TT doesn't just have to be lying on his front. Any activity where he's not lying on his back counts.

IBelieveInPink Mon 28-Jul-14 12:29:24

My dd was similar, slightly wonky and hatred of tummy time.

The wonky head we turned her head every time she had daytime naps, only once at the beginning of the nap and only in the day so we didn't mess with her nighttime sleep.
We also turned her Moses basket round so that I was always on the 'wrong' side for her, meant she had to face that way more to see me.

Tummy time.... Eventually just got better. She hated it. She hated it slightly less if I put her across my thighs, so she could see space below her if that makes sense... One side slightly higher to start with, to get her comfortable, progressing to flat. But in all honesty, she hated it until she could roll and get herself there! Now she is 8 months and desperate to crawl, so spends a lot of her time on her tummy out of choice.

Hope that helps smile

Toadsrevisited Mon 28-Jul-14 12:35:33

I used a sling at that age which encouraged DS to hold his head up. Then found a bumbo was great around 4 months. He didn't really like tt on a mat until 5 months but now at 6 months loves it, rolls well both ways and is staring to crawl.

Curlyweasel Mon 28-Jul-14 14:14:14

Thanks all. Loops - we just reposition him when he's asleep and he tends to remain where we've put him.

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