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Best way to do a star chart for a 3.5 year old?

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hollingbury Mon 28-Jul-14 09:09:37

Any advice on how to do the star chart? Should we stick to one thing we want to work on? For how long? Or can we combine?

3.5 year old driving us nuts with CONSTANT whinging for TV and other things and not listening to us - these are probably the current key things.


cantmakecarrotcake Mon 28-Jul-14 17:22:38

I'd suggest having a chart for one thing only. We often combine it with a small prize after each 5 stickers (usually a book or something). A bit of extra incentive.

We tend to do a chart for a few weeks for the behaviour to sink in. Then you can tackle the next one.

cantmakecarrotcake Mon 28-Jul-14 17:23:56

ps, 3 yr olds don't listen! wink

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