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Toddler having food issues after burning mouth

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pickles184 Sun 27-Jul-14 18:09:45

My 20month old DD had an unfortunate incident in a restaurant with some food that had been microwaved. Although I checked the temperature before letting her eat, she managed to end up with a hotspot burning her mouth. After soothing her calm and letting her have some icy water and later on an ice-cream she carried on as normal.
She has eaten hot food since, but is now refusing all cooked food declaring it 'hot' and won't even try any, she gets hysterical if you attempt getting her to taste a bit (haven't pushed it)
I have no interest in force feeding her and she will eat cooked chicken breast bits and cold vegetables so won't starve, but I would like to help her overcome this fear?

Has anyone had similar situations and it has cleared up by itself, or do I need to think about seeing a someone about it?

Jaffakake Sun 27-Jul-14 20:25:54

My son had a right thing about 'hot' food at one point and would repeatedly send me back to the kitchen to cool it down. I read on here someone introduced their child to the word/ idea of 'warm'. I do so, it took a little while, but I think that and time solved the issue. At 3 though he's still quite cautious & checks his hot food himself!

pickles184 Mon 28-Jul-14 09:27:48

Thank you Jaffa, she does know warm so will keep trying with that as well.

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