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Faecal incontinence?

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Spufster Sun 20-Jul-14 22:05:14

My son is 7 in August and has been clean since 2 years old. The last few months he has been soiling his underwear/pyjamas initially infrequently but this lady few weeks it is becoming more common.... We have had 3 incidences today ( it isnt usually everyday).
He isn't constipated, he has fruit/veg/salad, is active, drinks lots and fluid.
It is possibly unrelated but he has had bad hay fever this year is currently on daily anti-histamines and inhalers.

Heyho111 Mon 21-Jul-14 01:14:56

I think a trip to your gp is in order.

Piratejones Mon 21-Jul-14 01:48:10

I'd make an appointment with his GP right away.

Although you say he isn't constipated, it's perfectly possible something has built up streaching in his bowel, so don't worry it really can be as simple as that.

Spufster Tue 22-Jul-14 09:00:52

Got him booked in today.
Yesterday I put him on the loo every two hours and rewarded him with iPad time if he had a poo on there and we only had one minor leakage but something definitely isn't right

Piratejones Tue 22-Jul-14 09:03:14

a doctor should be able to feel if there is anything in his bowel, they press just under and to the left of his belly button.

Piratejones Wed 23-Jul-14 18:30:02

how'd it go Spufster?

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