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fifemum85 Sat 19-Jul-14 17:27:05

how do you get your child to sit on time out i try sit my 5 year old on time out if we out and he realy naughty and warnings dont work like if he hits etc i try put him on time out and he refuses he keeps getting up and screaming

LittlePink Sat 19-Jul-14 19:34:58

My 2 yr old doesn't get a warning for hitting or any acts of aggression. She goes straight into the corner, told why shes there ie "im putting you here because you hit me and it hurt" and I walk away and ignore her. She wont stay in time out. I don't make her. I just ignore her until im satisfied shes genuinely sorry and knows what shes done. She forgets 5 minutes later and we're back to square one but im hoping the penny will drop with the consequence for hitting soon.

Sometimes when shes heading for meltdown or just needs time out because her emotions are getting the better of her, then I will take her to another room and sit with her until shes calmed down talking gently and trying to ask her to explain whats wrong or try to distract. Obviously a lot of the time she cant explain because her brain has shut down in tantrum mode but time out as a punishment is useless on her at the moment, she doesn't understand and it just heightens the tantrum making things so much worse.

I don't know about a 5 yr old though. I don't even know about a 2 yr old! Im just trying to muddle through the hitting, kicking and the tantrums as best I can. Im sure others will have better advice for you.

givemecaffeine21 Sat 19-Jul-14 19:39:32

I watched a super nanny on it and she just repeatedly returned them to that spot with no eye contact or communication, set the timer going again from the start of the 5 minutes every time he gets up and moves. It took the little boy in the programme a while to get that his mum meant business but she persevered, even if it took an hour or more. The key to it is a boring spot to sit on, no eye contact or communication, and don't back down under any circumstances once you've said a time out is happening. No explanations, just keep pressing on with it until the message is received. If he dislikes it that much it sounds a pretty effective discipline method and hopefully in time the mere threat of it will be enough so I'd keep going!

fifemum85 Sun 20-Jul-14 08:41:43

thanx guys just wondred hiw you do it when you out and about if i try sit him down he will get up and try run off so i try calm him down n sit with him on my knee but he just keeps screaming and trying to get up it endless battle sad sad

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