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Strawberry1979 Thu 17-Jul-14 10:59:55

Hi all I wonder if anyone could advise or give assurance.

I'm breastfeeding on demand my 7 week old daughter. Although night time is great with only 2 feeds during the night I have no routine during the day. During the day there is no pattern with feeding with feeds hourly. She likes to be held a lot and tends to wake up if I put her in the Moses basket. I have tried distracting her to at least 2 hours but not had much luck. She can be fussy at the breast.

I suppose I just wanted to check if this is normal or should I have some sort of routine at this stage?

tiktok Thu 17-Jul-14 11:15:30

(*Strawberry*, you could try posting in breast and bottle feeding folder for more traffic).

What you describe sounds normal for a baby of your dd's age smile In fact, she has already started to distinguish day and night, and feeds more in the day than in the night - very helpful!

The occasional bouts of fussiness are normal, too.

It's hard work trying to stretch a newborn's feeds out, and I am not sure it solves any problems - just makes you stressed and the baby unhappy.

If it helps, think of the feed you do at 2 pm and then at 3 pm as one feed with a longish break in the middle smile

If there is a bf support group or baby cafe near you, you could visit and meet other bf mothers, who will convince you that you and your baby are doing fine.

TheJourney22 Thu 17-Jul-14 12:30:27

Totally normal! ... I was shocked that my newborn could no joke go all day without sleeping but would feed every hour. It just gets easier/more routine with maturity .... ride through it & don't stress. It does come! grin

TerrifiedMothertobe Thu 17-Jul-14 21:24:19

God, don't worry! My 7 month old still feeds twice a night, at 7 weeks they have no routine, it will come eventually, I promise.

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