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ollie4 Fri 11-Jul-14 15:30:39

When my 2 children were toddlers this really weird thing happened! They were tucked up in bed when I had this overwhelming need to write something down. Without even thinking about what I was writing and NEVER having written a poem before in my life, this poem emerged.

Sometimes when I'm trying very hard to be so good there's a little man inside who stops me doing thing I should.
So that when I try to take my boots off just outside the door, he makes me keep them on to leave black footprints on the floor.
And when I try to kick my ball outside across the yard, instead of just a gentle kick he makes me kick it hard.

That's when I have to shut my eyes and hold my breath and pray, in case it breaks the window like it did the other day.
Them mum came outside shouting with that fierce look in her eye and told me I was bad and that it wouldn't help to cry.
But I didn't mean to do it so the tears just wouldn't stop, they kept rolling down towards my chin and dripping down my top.

When when mum had finished being mad she took a breath and sighed, I could see that she was feeling sad to see the way I'd cried
So she sat me down upon her lap and held me for a while and told me jokes and stories until she'd made me smile.
Then the little man inside said if you hadn't kicked that ball, your mum wouldn't have found the time to cuddle you at all.

I guess it was from my subconscious and it may not be Wordsworth but it made me stop to think and maybe it helped a bit!

ollie4 Fri 11-Jul-14 15:36:14

Sorry missed out a line! ( it is from memory which isn't too good these days!
Third verse......
I could see that she was feeling sad to see the way I'd cried.
She said if it was an accident, breaking that big pane, perhaps we could forget it if I don't do it again.
Then she sat me down upon her lap..........

ANM07 Fri 11-Jul-14 22:19:30

It's good!smile

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