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is this reflux?

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feekerry Thu 10-Jul-14 06:56:46

ds is 5m. from about 3m his sleep has been awful.
he wakes every 20/30 mins thru the night just fussing. he makes this noise like he is tasting something like pursing his lips and rubs his face and thrashes about.
he will not sleep in his cot so sleeps in with me. usually if i prop him up he will sleep a bit longer but not always.
he doesnt feed at night. he usually suckles for a min then gags and pulls off. he is also bit coughy and spluttery at night.
he isn't like this in the day tho. happy little thing. doesn't mind lying on play mat etc and naps okay tho this will always be in buggy.
doc gave me some gaviscon to try. i tried for 3 days but stopped as didn't see any difference and made him constipated....
i am not even sure this is reflux but need some answers as i don't think his sleep is normal!

ProcrastinatorExtraordindaire Thu 10-Jul-14 07:01:02

It could well be reflux. You could try one of the better medicines for reflux depending on how clued up your gp is. Some just don't recognise a lot of the symptoms. Gaviscon does not always help.

Managing reflux is a lot of trial and error.

feekerry Thu 10-Jul-14 07:26:24

thing is tho i get him up in the morning and he is totally different. doesn't gag/thrash or rub his face. and he is all smiley and happy.

Heyho111 Thu 10-Jul-14 08:26:09

I would pop to your gp or health visitor. I would push to be refered to speech and language for a feeding and swallowing referral. It's probably something simple but they are the experts that will know. Your h/v might think it's fine but push it. If he sleeps better propped up something simple like reflux is prob going on and they can help.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 10-Jul-14 13:05:39

Have you had him checked for tongue tie? The symptoms can be very similar. Have a read of the article and see what you think smile

feekerry Thu 10-Jul-14 19:28:16

Tbh we have been to hell and back with tt/cmpi/reflux etc so it could be either one or a mixture.
So far 2 lactation consultants have said no tt and i have tried dairy free with mixed results.
I think by the time i have tried everything he would have grown out of it!!!
Doc predcribed ranitidine so will give that a go!

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