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5 month old sleep and early morning feed

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Madallie Tue 08-Jul-14 22:00:47

My dd sleeps well. She's not a great napper, has about 2.5-3hrs per day, but sleeps all night from about 7.30/8pm until 5ish. I am really pleased with this and know I am lucky but I'm a bit lost with what to do after her early morning feed. She used to feed about 4/5am and then go back to sleep Til about 8am quickly. Now however she is taking longer and longer to settle back to sleep at this time, sometimes more than an hour. The problem is, she is still tired, yawning and rubbing her eyes at this time.

So has anyone been through this stage? What did you do? Should I feed her when she wakes or try to hold out a bit? Is there anything I can do a courage her to either sleep a bit longer in the morning or go back to sleep quicker after her early morning feed?

If you have been through this phase, when and how did it end? Was it just an age/development thing or did weaning help?(dd is not waned yet).

KnackeredMuchly Wed 09-Jul-14 15:43:15

She might be switching to dropping the sleep from 6-8 maybe. When my boy wokr too early sometimes I would get DH to rock him back so sleep but sometimes he just wants to wake up early, so I let him be awake but in the dark. At 6am the lights go on nowadays.

hartmel Wed 09-Jul-14 20:27:10

Is she taking a dummy?

If I remember good my son went through that stage at the same time. Usually I gave him his dummy and he dozed off again. It is because they are teething. I think it lasted only a couple days.. Couple weeks later I noticed two teeth at the bottom..

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