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18 month old holding food in her mouth & not swallowing it

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CristinaTheAstonishing Thu 07-Sep-06 23:52:40

She just holds her food in her mouth and refuses to swallow it, then spits it out, 10 minutes later or so. I tried engaging her in conversation, song etc so she'd swallow before talking but she refuses to join in. Started doing this last week and has eaten very little since then. Is this a phase?

Georgiesmum Fri 08-Sep-06 10:33:50

My dd who is also 18 months does this occaisionally so we play a game where dayddy has some and swallows it and shows us his month is empty and he get a big clap and a cheer then we say Georgies turn and she does it. And gets a cheer too then they take it turns, She doesnt eat all of her dinner on these days but at least we get some food down her. Might be worth a go!

topsy1 Fri 08-Sep-06 10:53:31

my ds did this as well around the 18mth mark - i made his food alot more sloppy - lots of cassaroles and sauces and made no fuss if he didn't swallow, just loads of praise when he did. also similar to georgiesmum - lots of clapping. also sometimes when hes particualy bad at swallowing gave him a toy (car or stacking cups) probably very bad i know, but it distracted him for him just to get on. can be very frustrating - it is just a phase - my ds has moved on now! 22 mths!!

Twiglett Fri 08-Sep-06 10:55:00

ignore her .. it'll stop

at the moment its a game .. look if I do this then mummy does funny things (chats to me, sings to me etc)

spoon in her mouth .. chat to hubby and eat your own food and ignore

Twiglett Fri 08-Sep-06 10:56:56

I actually don't agree with positive reinforcement when they do swallow tbh ... but then I don't agree with baby spooning food games either (you know the airplane noises etc) .. its food .. its sustenance .. we are biologically programmed to eat it and not starve

I have never made an issue out of food (whether they were eating well or not) and the result is I have kids who eat virtually everything

(not saying there aren't picky eaters born .. but I think its reinforced or not)

Georgiesmum Fri 08-Sep-06 11:05:34

Hi just wanted to say DD is normally a very good eater and sits and eats dinner with us fine and with no help at all, its just like all children she has off days and we find that the "daddy" game works.

topsy1 Fri 08-Sep-06 11:07:44

same here!

CristinaTheAstonishing Fri 08-Sep-06 22:28:58

"we are biologically programmed to eat it and not starve " That's what I think too, but my DD is 9 kg at 18 months. I went along with letting her feed herself but now I despair as she's started doing this... Today she kept some rice in her mouth for an unbelievable 45 minutes!

Thanks for the reassurance that it's only a phase. I hope it will pass quickly.

PrettyCandles Fri 08-Sep-06 22:37:18

I've just been going through something similar with my 3yo


It's stopped now, don't know what or how, perhaps to do with having been on holiday? Hope some of the tips given might help you.

Drives you potty though, doesn't it! Commiserations! Just don't bribe her to eat by giving her the sort of food you wouldn't want her to be eating normally - that only swaps one problem for another.

CristinaTheAstonishing Fri 08-Sep-06 22:48:00

Just read the other thread and there's some good advice there. Thank you.

lakshmi6 Thu 31-Jul-14 08:44:41

hai my daughter 21 months old she just started holding the food in her mouth don't know what to do.

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