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When to up meals?

(4 Posts)
MagicDucky Mon 16-Jun-14 16:20:51

My DD has been having two meals a day for about a month and a half now and I was just wondering how you know when to start giving them three meals?

ExBrightonBell Mon 16-Jun-14 16:38:04

They should be on 3 meals a day by about 8 to 9 months according to current NHS advice.

HippyPottyMouth Sun 22-Jun-14 20:27:16

We offered 3 'meals' from about 7 months but didn't stress if we missed one. Now she's 9 months she has recognisable breakfast, lunch and dinner and still loads of milk.

rebeccamg Sun 22-Jun-14 21:03:56

We did BLW so offered food when we ate. We weren't too fussed if she ate or explored/mashed it in to her tray! Food is fun until 1. Not sure how old your little one is? But milk should be a big part under 1.

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