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Son not walking properly

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fofo2014 Sat 14-Jun-14 15:19:12

Hi all I hope I can get some advice as to why my 2 year old is not walking properly. He was walking fine up until last week and then he started crying unless I pick him up. Took him to GP who sent me to A&E. They said it could possibly occurred after having a cold and told me to give him ibuprofen. 3 days later he wasnt any better so I took him back to A&E and then again 2 days later. I still dont know what is wrong with him and neither do the hospital. he will pull himself up on the furniture but for the most he just crawls or lays on his bed until I carry him. Struggling to understand what has happened to him. Has anyone else experienced this? thank you

WaffleWiffle Sat 14-Jun-14 17:07:52

I don't know what to suggest I am afraid, but will bump.

ikeaismylocal Sat 14-Jun-14 18:53:13

How scary for you and your ds.

I don't have any experience but I would guess he isn't walking because of pain or because he is feeling dizzy, did they x-ray him? I wonder if they thought the cold had gone to his ears and that he was dizzy.

I hope he is walking around soon.

ZuleikaD Sat 14-Jun-14 18:55:32

Did they check him for an ear infection? I presume if you've been to A&E he's been checked for injuries etc?

minipie Sat 14-Jun-14 19:01:27

No idea sorry but does he have any other symptoms which might give a clue?

Does he seem in pain? any fever? when he pulls up on the furniture does it seem to hurt?

LIZS Sat 14-Jun-14 19:04:07

Sounds like they've been treating him for a "hip cold" ie inflammation of the fluid in the hip socket. It can take a while of anti-inflammatories but if no better maybe worth asking for an xray/scan.

Floraclare Sun 15-Jun-14 00:10:31

It sounds like they are treating him as transient synovitis, which can take a few weeks to settle

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