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Anyone know the best way of dealing with a DC who is hitting his big DD?

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MyRealNamesBernard Fri 13-Jun-14 12:10:03

So, my normally placid DC (aged 2) has started hitting his older DD (3) for absolutely no reason. She'll just be happily sitting there, then POW!, he'll land one on her. It has been going on for a few weeks now. I have tried the whole routine of putting DC into "time out" for a couple of minutes, getting him to talk about what he's done, apologising to DD, promising he'll never do it again. But despite him being very apologetic, he still goes back and does it again. And again. And again.

Clearly this Supernanny approach is not working. So, does anyone else have any other ideas or tried and tested methods that have worked? I would be eternally grateful (and so would my DD).

MyRealNamesBernard Fri 13-Jun-14 12:11:20

I have just realised I am making no sense with my DDs, DCs etc. "His older DD" would make her his daughter... I mean my DD... Oh, I need a lie down. Sorry!

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