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Anything I do never feels enough

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littleraysofsunshine Thu 12-Jun-14 17:49:24

Take the past three days.

Hot weather, so Every few hours or so I set up the water table, sand box, painting, down time with DVD, drawing, baking cakes, play dough and so on.

I have a 3.5yo, 2yo, and 19 wk. the elder two just somedays don't seem satisfied. With anything. They'll either wt bored or fight, winge, instead of playing with the water fountain, they climb in it then moan, they then tip all the sand out the box and not play with the sand in the box! I know it's kid behaviour but...

2yo gets so tired but hasn't napped the past three days when she usually has 1.5-2hrs. I'm forever saying not to shout when baby I sleeping. Then they both end up tired and agitated just for over tiredness.

They've also been waking at 5:30-6am. So this doesn't help.

I just feel like anything i do isn't enough. I hate shouting but feel like it's all I'm doing. I shouldn't have to take them out in this heat when they have a perfect garden that some aren't fortunate to have.

Also. They don't ask for things, they whine for them. Drinkconfused foodconfused toyconfused

lljkk Fri 13-Jun-14 10:28:19

Toddlers are masters of whininess, I'm not surprised you're exhausted!!

How much do you get out to toddler groups? They saved my sanity.

Is eldest at nursery, and do you get any time for yourself on the weekend?

littleraysofsunshine Sun 15-Jun-14 21:39:03

We use to do playgroup everyday but now dd1 is in preschool each morning for three hours, the two little ones and I go to playgroup 2times a week.

MissThang Sun 15-Jun-14 21:42:28

You should stop doing so much, put them out in the garden and let them get on with it. Best advice I've ever heard and the truest was from a Norland nanny who advised that children should be left to be 'bored' as it helps them take initiative in their play and develop imagination. Has worked wonders for mine anyway, they always are busy pottering about. Just relax and enjoy that garden!

poocatcherchampion Sun 15-Jun-14 22:10:00

I agree. calm it down with less stuff and some just leaving them to it.

I normally ask my two year old to ask properly as I generally cannot stand whining. she normally does.

odyssey2001 Sun 15-Jun-14 22:57:02

Children need to learn to be bored. I put my LO out in the garden with a trampoline, a water table and a balance biker the other day. He spent an hour putting patio stones into his bike seat compartment and taking them out again. He didn't ride his bike once but he was having fun. It was what he wanted to do.

Cheryllou Mon 16-Jun-14 10:56:56

They're very young still, that's what they DO! You're exhausted, they're exhausted... my saviour was to get together with other mums whenever I could - I literally couldn't stand being indoors with them! They're happier to get out too and by the time they're older, they're much more independent and you can enjoy the sun!!

At the moment you're working the chain gang mate...

Re the whinging, just get them to repeat what they want every time 'not in a silly voice'. And can't you intiate sleeps for the 2 year old by driving her around at the right time?

Good luck soldier!

vladthedisorganised Mon 16-Jun-14 11:27:01

I feel your pain OP. I had two days alone with DD (all other mums in the locality on holiday or celebrating fathers' day, DH was away) and it seemed I couldn't finish ANYTHING without her pestering me.

"Mummy, I can't doooo this..."
"Mummy, can you plaaaaaay with meeeeeee?"
"Mummy, I need heeeeeeeeellllp..."

By the end of day 2 I was crying with total exhaustion (and the sight of all the housework I'd abandoned). If I'm Fun Stepford Mummy, happy to play lots of Fun Games with DD and answer any question on anything she can think of (with a Happy Smile!), she's as happy as can be.
If not, she whinges. And yells "Muuuuuuummmmeeeeeeeee, come over heeeeeere...." . No amount of "I don't understand that voice, please say whatever you need to say properly" seems to help.

DH never gets this. I discovered that his technique is to plonk the TV on, sit her in front of it and get on with whatever he needs to do. Not one I approve of as I try to restrict the TV, but I can't help admitting that it works..

I do try to teach DD to be bored, but in two years of "you need to entertain yourself while I do x, y and z" it hasn't stopped the need for attention all the time.

I really hope it's an age thing sad

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