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Musical bumps

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HolyDrinker Thu 12-Jun-14 16:21:43

Ridiculous worry but when are kids supposed to get games like musical bumps/statues etc?

My just turned 3yo has never played them (not in nursery yet) but is going to a party this weekend where I suspect there will be lots of games like this.

I've just tried to show him and i don't think he really got it. Looked a bit confused at me gambolling about and sitting on my arse randomly.

I don't want him to stick out at the party if everyone else can do it. Birthday child's mother is of the competitive type and suspect I'll get concerned comments if he can't do it as well her her DS.

HolyDrinker Thu 12-Jun-14 16:43:47

Can't resist giving this a (musical) bump!

Loftyjen Thu 12-Jun-14 23:03:06

I organised the games for my DD's 3rd birthday & I'd say all the kids (roughly 3.5-2yrs old) got the crux of it, but I quickly realised that none of them were going to stop playing if they were last to sit down in a round, so played for fun rather than winning & stopped after a couple of songs worth of go's.

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