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Advice please re naps

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Taler Fri 06-Jun-14 17:42:06

My DD is 7 months old and generally has one nap in the morning (lasting between 30 mins to 1 hour), a nap over the lunch period that can be anywhere between 1-2 hours and an afternoon nap which again is usually anywhere between 30 mins to 1 hour).

I am of course aware that the only consistent thing with babies is that they are constantly changing. BUT am a bit confused what to do now with regard to her afternoon nap.

She has been sleeping longer at this nap. Take today - she has already been asleep for 1 hour 40 mins and it'll mean that when we want to settle her for the night after her 7pm feed it'll take quite a bit longer and I'm sure it's because she's sleeping longer at the afternoon nap.

What I want to know is a) at what age (approx) do we phase out a day time nap; and b) which one should it be.

Any advice/suggestions welcome.

keepitgoing Fri 06-Jun-14 18:57:28

I wouldn't let her sleep past 5 if you want her in bed at 7. in fact I'd think the last nap should be 30 mins really. apparently if they have a good lunchtime nap at this age the last one wouldn't be needed, but my did same age still needs hers. I imagine as the awake time lengthens she'll drop the last nap perhaps within a month.

Pocket1 Fri 06-Jun-14 22:21:03

DD dropped her afternoon nap around 8 months - I found it was taking me longer to settle her than she ended up sleeping. So we dropped that nap and she was happier for it. smile

Taler Fri 06-Jun-14 23:04:16

I always thought it was the afternoon nap to be the first to go but a) doesn't it maybe vary from baby to baby; and b) should it be the morning nap in my DD's case as that now seems to be the shortest one??

SmallBee Fri 06-Jun-14 23:08:08

My Dd is almost 8 months & had just dropped the afternoon nap. She now gets up at 7:30 & naps 9-10 & 1-3/3:30. I try and keep that nap long as she has made it clear she doesn't want a third nap but still struggles to make it until bed time. So at the none bed time is a little earlier until she can cope.

ZuleikaD Sat 07-Jun-14 19:23:21

It's usually the late-afternoon nap that gets dropped first, for exactly the reason that it starts to interfere with bedtime. Seven months is bang on average for dropping the third one - it's usually from 6-8 months that it goes. Morning nap is much less predictable to go, but average is 15m.

fififrog Sun 08-Jun-14 00:04:14

my DD went from 4 naps to 2 at about 6 months, and the timings of them completely changed. She had me very confused! And yes, you're right they are all different but somehow by about 18 months they're mostly all sleeping after lunch for 1-3 hours. My advice is a) go with your instinct and b) try not to stress about naps - they will be gone before you know it!

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