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Help!!! My 13 week daughter refuses to take a bottle, any advice??

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lucylev Fri 06-Jun-14 13:08:31


Hoping to revive any advice/tips that I haven't already tried,
Desperately trying to get my daughter (13 weeks) to take a bottle. I've tried everything my milk/ different bottles/teats/other people feeding leaving her, I'm being told to perceive but it's the hardest thing ever, I should have been off to ladies day today with a bunch of gfs but had to give my ticket away, sitting here feeling abit mehhhhh wondering if She will ever take a bottle.
Any other tips j could try???

Iggly Fri 06-Jun-14 13:50:58

Well in a couple of months she could have a beaker?.
Are you expressing? Because sometimes for some people breast milk can taste soapy when expressed hence baby won't drink it (it is fine from the boob). So if you're not freaked out by the idea, give it a taste.

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