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Need help advice on the school run

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Chuggy81 Fri 06-Jun-14 12:59:06

Hi I'm new to this forum and I have gotten tired and low over worrying bout this prob on my own as my hubby jus don't understand!
My little boy is 5 and started school last sept he moved up from nursery with a friend that was at same nursery me and his mum who I didn't no each other at all would stand together after skool and say few words
All was fine until dec wen I noticed the mum ad sort of clung to me and got funny with me for talking to another mums? She is nice but she is not the same as me at all jus on different wave lengths and diff beliefs in childrens up bringing! Wen I say I've gotta go, she keeps talking to me and jus makes me feel trapped,
I tried to talk to other mums and then she started bringing sweets and treats in for my little boy so I felt awkward to talk to anyway else. Then I tried one day to stay away from her in the crowd to which she then txt me saying av I upset you? She now collects my little boys lunch box so I have to go to her to get it, the worse part now is that my little boy as a new friend and I really get on well with his mum but feel I'm in the wrong as the other mum is looking at me! This us my 1st time doin school and it's getting to the point were I am jus worrying about goin everyday and it's spoiling my memories of my little boy goin to skool, I no I'm prob the one in the wrong as I need to stand up for myself but I really find it hard I've never been in a situation like this were I av it too see this woman twice a day with no way out of it
I jus need some advice on how to be more assertive or stong
Thanks for ur help

LastingLight Fri 06-Jun-14 14:08:18

You will have to tell her, politely of course, that she must stop collecting your son's lunchbox, you will do it yourself. She will act all hurt but don't pay too much attention. Then talk to whoever you want, it doesn't matter if she looks at you.

Youdontneedacriminallawyer Fri 06-Jun-14 14:12:27

It's a bit difficult to decipher your message, as you're very short on full stops (to say the least). However, I think the gist is that you're worried about offending someone who is a bit clingy in the playground when you're both collecting your sons.

Maybe this other lady is shy? Have you thought about including her in your conversations with the other parents?

But if having to talk to her in the playground is spoiling your memories of your little boy going to school, then you really need to get over yourself - it's not about you, or who you do or don't chat to in the playground.

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