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18mth old behaviour issues - grandparents

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kellymsuk Fri 06-Jun-14 00:47:50

Would anyone have any advice..
I moved in with my other half not long ago we have 2 children! Eldest is 8 and my son is coming 2. For reasons we have had to move in with my mother in law and we both have to work full time can't afford full time nursery so my mum in law looks after our son while we work! Problem is nothing I say is followed! I had a fab routine going before moving in and since then its just fallen apart so much so he will no longer sleep in his cot and sleeps in with her instead! I struggle to get him to eat anything and ive tried making food up for the day while im out and that failed also! I worry he has no interaction with other children at all except when his sister is back from school and I honestly feel like im not needed! My other half tells her how it should be and nothing changes! I have no support from my side of the family and I dont know what else to do! Talking and reasoning doesnt work! Has anyone else had similar issues????

FunnyFoot Fri 06-Jun-14 00:56:57

You need to move.

Sorry to state the obvious and I appreciate moving may not be possible but that is the only way you will solve the issues.

Do everything you can to save up and move out because whilst you live there any rules/routine you try and enforce will fall on deaf ears.

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