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4 year old wet himself numerous times today

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Ohnonotagen Thu 05-Jun-14 17:24:19

collected DS from pre school and they said they wondered if anything was wrong with him as he'd wet himself twice in 3 hours he was there and was generally not being very well behaved.

He has then wet himself 3 or 4 times this afternoon.

He is generally dry in the day now with an ocassional accident but nothing like this.

I did post last week Friday as he was constantly going to the toilet for a wee and went about 5 times in an hour. Someone suggested it could be an infection but then he seemed to be ok over the weekend so we throught nothing more of it. He's been fine earlier in the week.

I googled water infection and the page i read seemed to suggest that that child would have a temperature, be off their food etc but he seems to be ok in himself altho being more of a pain than normal so maybe thats a sign somethings wrong. Also thinking about it he perhaps hasn't eaten as much as normal but he's not off his food as such.

I asked if it hurt when he went for a wee and he said no and then yes that it was hurting his knee as he had a bruise so not getting anything sensible out of him!

Finola1step Thu 05-Jun-14 17:26:38

I would suspect a urine infection.

Finola1step Thu 05-Jun-14 17:29:39

I would suspect a urine infection.

Ohnonotagen Thu 05-Jun-14 17:29:41

thx will try and get in docs tomorrow

Casmama Thu 05-Jun-14 17:30:10

Take him to the doctor. Symptoms do not always present the same way with children. I took my DS after one overnight accident and a couple of daytime accidents at 4 and while it wasn't a uti the GP would far prefer you to rule it out than ignore it and they end up with an infection going to their kidneys.

Finola1step Thu 05-Jun-14 17:30:18

Oops. Sorry for the double post!

susiedaisy Thu 05-Jun-14 17:31:52

I second a uti. Paracetamol, fluids and a trip to gp in the morning. They will most likely want a urine sample.

Ohnonotagen Thu 05-Jun-14 17:38:24

do you think i should send him to pre school before/ after depending on the time of the appointment, or should i keep him off for the day?

susiedaisy Thu 05-Jun-14 17:40:37

I think off for the day. A uti can make you feel quite unwell. But at his age he might not be able to verbalise it that well. When he keeps going to the toilet is he emptying his bladder properly or is it just a dribble ?

Ohnonotagen Thu 05-Jun-14 18:01:18

when he was going to the toilet alot last week it was quite alot each time not just a dribble, he's not actually made it to the toilet much today so i'm not sure, altho he has just dribbled in his pants a few times.

He's just been toilet and called me up as he said had pooed his pants but when i went up it was just a wet mark in his pants like he'd followed through (sorry TMI) and thinking about it earlier when he went for a poo it was very light in colour- not sure if this is connected.

Ohnonotagen Fri 06-Jun-14 11:32:17

been docs this morning and nothing wrong. Doc said sometimes 4 year olds just do things that can't be explained, hopefully just a blip

susiedaisy Fri 06-Jun-14 11:49:25

Oh well at least you've got it checked out. Always better to be safe than sorry.

Ohnonotagen Fri 06-Jun-14 18:12:28

he still doesn't seem quite right tho, been going loo loads again this afternoon and just doesn't seem 100% himself if you know what i mean, will have to give it a few days and see how things pan out.

Fuzzymum1 Fri 06-Jun-14 19:21:02

I don't want to scare you but my friend's six year old started having accidents and occasionally wetting the bed. She suspected an infection but it turned out he has diabetes.

Ohnonotagen Fri 06-Jun-14 19:29:51

would doc have picked that up when he tested urine today? I have no idea about urine tests and if they pick up anything or if doc has to test for something specific?

susiedaisy Fri 06-Jun-14 20:37:29

Urine dips usually pick up glucose. Protein. Blood. Ph levels. Leucocytes. And nitrates. So basically infection or sugar so In Theory diabetes should be ruled out. But like you said keep an eye on him. He's not constipated is he?

Ohnonotagen Fri 06-Jun-14 20:54:30

no not constipated at all, altho other out of the ordinary thing is his poo is very light in colour

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