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Non stop crying when not being held!!

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Spanglishmum Thu 05-Jun-14 10:51:56

I have heard about the "anxiety phase" that many babies go through… however, is my case actually normal??
My DS starts crying as soon as I leave him on his play pen or cot… or anywhere!!
I do need to leave him to make his food or bottles… every time it happens it is an EXTREAMELY stressful situation. My 8 months old cries and cries non stop. Ive tried maybe everything (talking, singing, staying next to him, trying to make him laugh, ignore him…)
I have to leave him crying several times a day and once it was for 20!!! Minutes to test if it was a matter of length of time… don't know when he had stopped sad
Is this normal???

justalilmummy Thu 05-Jun-14 10:54:59

Yup very... It will pass soon my 10 month old will now finally sit and play happily as long as he can see me but this only started a couple weeks ago

minipie Thu 05-Jun-14 10:55:38

Can he still see you when you are making his food/bottles? With my DD she was ok with being put down but not with me going into another room.

If he doesn't even want to be put down ... Do you have a sling you could put him in while you do stuff? Hopefully this would just be short term as it is a phase he will grow out of.

Spanglishmum Thu 05-Jun-14 11:04:08

He can normally see me, he just seems to be horrified by being more than a foot away from me.
I put him on the sling sometimes, but being nearly 10 kilos after a few minutes I start feeling I'm carrying the world!
What really worries me is the exaggerate extreame cry from second "1" as soon as I leave him…
It is though a relieve to know it sounds "normal" for other parents.

TheJourney22 Thu 05-Jun-14 12:50:53

Yep! Had this from day 1. Sling / carrier is the only method I can use.

DS goes Harry Crackers if I dare put him down for 2 mins!!


My DS is 6 Months & like I say has been like it since day 1, have to even take him to the toilet with me.

I now embrace the Velcro Baby instead of trying to fight it shock

jaggythistle Thu 05-Jun-14 19:53:21

What type of sling do you have? If you get a supportive one you can carry comfortably for longer.

I had a Manduca buckle carrier which was great up to age 2ish. :-)

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