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Althera vs Nutramigen

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MovetoMK Wed 04-Jun-14 20:48:38

I have been told Nutramigen tastes horrible and Althera is much much better. Has anyone been prescribed Althera? What has been your experience? Apparently the Aptimel Pepti one yang hydrolysed enough for a baby with cows milk intolerance. Is that right?! Thanks!

MiaowTheCat Thu 05-Jun-14 08:49:02

Depends on the child - I found our GP utterly went over the top with how horrific Neocate was going to taste and how DD2 was never ever ever going to drink it to try to discourage us from pushing for the prescriptions for it for her (she hoped if she was obstructive enough we'd just cope with the pain, rashes and screaming of the intolerance and save her prescribing budget)... DD2 took it just fine after we transitioned her onto it gradually (substituting a scoop at a time from her usual formula) and absolutely thrived on it. And Neocate has the reputation as being even worse than anything else for them in terms of taste... granted she spent the first year of her life smelling of slightly stale chip shop spuds but still! Oh and bright green shits - but again, that's normal for the stuff we were on.

It varies what will trigger a child off with an intolerance - Aptamil Pepti didn't work for DD2 (again - GP pushed us back onto it and she reacted VERY quickly so we were straight back onto the Neocate), but some children can cope with it. What they tend to do around here is to do 4 weeks on Neocate to give their systems a break and get blood tests done and the like (although these aren't always useful), and then they'll try them on Aptamil Pepti and then Nutramigen to see if they'll tolerate either of those feeds and try to find the cheapest most palatable option for the child in question - because of how strongly DD2 reacted to the Pepti they just put her straight back onto Neocate. It's kind of finding the point on the ladder they're capable of coping with. Yes, I DO have our local NHS trust infant formula prescribing guidelines saved on my PC - I've had to quote them several times to our pain in the arse GP! (The head dietician who wrote them knows I've had to do that and invoke her name!)

And if it's any consolation - now we're working through a dairy challenge after 1 year - she's outgrown a helluva lot of it and can cope with cheese and butter and some cooked milk as well so far!

MovetoMK Thu 05-Jun-14 21:30:49

Wow. What a reply. Thank you so much. I will digest (excuse the pun!!). I've seen those guidelines too but the GP is being SO unhelpful sad

MiaowTheCat Fri 06-Jun-14 10:04:25

Yeah our GP was terrible - turns out the dietician knows of umpteen families she's hounded off to other practices because of her being so obstructive over this stuff... took me and the health visitor pretty much going to war to get our situation resolved - we had things like the HV ringing them up to tell them she KNEW we'd put a prescription in and she would be collecting it in person herself and if it had been altered in quantity again there would be hell to pay, and me putting prescription requests in with photocopies of the dietician's letter detailing exactly what should be prescribed to get anywhere!

I found videoing DD2's reaction after a feed got us taken more seriously as well - you look back at photos of her now and she was blotchy, swollen faced, not at all a happy little girl and it's like day and night to where we used to be.

Pocket1 Fri 06-Jun-14 22:27:03

My DD is on nutramigen and had been for 7 moths now since she was 4 months old. Although it smells and tastes awful to me, she takes it just fine - for sure it's better than my breast milk was which causing all her allergic reactions.

For the first few feeds I mixed it with my breast milk so the new flavour wasnt too much of a shock - then decreased my milk and increased the nutramigen ratios.

Good luck and hope your lo takes to it okay. It certainly helped fix my dd smile

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