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feminist books on puberty: do they exist?

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richmal3 Wed 04-Jun-14 13:10:09

My DD is just 10, and whilst I've talked to her about puberty, I would also like to find a book she can read herself. I've looked at various books and usually think, yes, this is ok, then suddenly come across a sentence such as 'You'll become a babe with a fantastic figure' (Little Book of Growing up), which I find utterly inappropriate and counter to everything I'm trying to teach her about how wrong it is that society judges girls and women by their appearance. All the books I've found also go into detail about how to shave, without even acknowledging that YOU DON'T HAVE TO! Has anyone found a good book which looks at puberty from an empowering, rather than reductionist and sexist, point of view?

givemecaffeine21 Wed 04-Jun-14 13:46:17

'You'll become a babe with a fantastic figure'? Seriously? I'm nowhere near this stage, mine are both tiny, but frankly if that's the level of 'teaching' I'll be writing my own book for them! There are quite enough insecure teenage girls out there without adding to the pressure.

Pinkbabe1 Wed 04-Jun-14 14:44:26

Are you serious?! That book needs reporting! Sounds like a pervert wrote it :/

mummytime Wed 04-Jun-14 14:48:29

None of the books I've used with my DC was like that!
I do have a fondness for "Hair in Funny Places" although that is hardly hard-core feminist - I like the funny shapes of all of the teenagers.

MrsWinnibago Wed 04-Jun-14 14:52:26

Rich you've addressed an issue which is MAJOR but which hasn't yet seen an appropriate response from either writers or publishers.

I'm onto it. wink

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