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10month old feeding issue

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34PinkLadyApple Wed 04-Jun-14 12:36:01

She loves being spoon fed but when i give her bits to pick up, fruit, cucumber, toast, sarnies, breadstick etc she just squashes it in her hands and doesnt put it in her mouth. When will she feed herself?

notaflamingclue Wed 04-Jun-14 12:40:29

I wish I knew! DD is 15 months now and not really interested in feeding herself.

I'm exaggerating - she has started to feed herself. I always gave her lots of finger foods right from the very start of weaning but she has always preferred being fed. It will come.

My friend's DD took to self-feeding right away and I'm always slightly envious when I see her happily spooning food!

My nephew is 5 1/2 and would still be fed rather than feed himself, if he could!

ShineSmile Wed 04-Jun-14 12:43:34

I wish my DD would agree to be fed. Honestly she makes such a BIG mess eating on her own, and takes a whole hour to eat. She is also very fussy and will chuck whatever she doesn't like. I wish I had a purée baby hmm

StormyBrid Wed 04-Jun-14 12:48:16

At least spoon feeding works! Mine had very little interest in feeding herself, and very little interest in being spoon fed. The whole concept of nourishment didn't really click until shortly after her first birthday. Fifteen months now, and she's better than she was, and can handle a pre loaded spoon perfectly well. But she's still not tremendously bothered and loses interest quickly. All I can suggest is time, and trying not to fret in the meantime.

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