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Three and a half year old screaming

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StackALee Sun 01-Jun-14 10:45:10

My son is chatty, funny, cuddly and generally lovely to be around but he often screams.

He screams if his plate is put in the 'wrong' place.

He screams if he wants my attention.

He screams in other kids faces if they badger him too much.

I have repeatedly told him to tell me what he wants, use his words, that he won't get what he wants if he screams, that other children find it upsetting.

We went out with a nursery frowns of his for the first time the other day and despite them being really good buddies and playing well most of the time he full on shrieked into this little boy's face a couple of times.

Is it a stage, do I just keep on repeating myself or ignore or what? Nothing seems to work.

StackALee Sun 01-Jun-14 10:46:22

For frowns read friend!

CharlesRyder Sun 01-Jun-14 16:41:40

Have you tried a sticker chart for not screaming with a reward at the end of the day/ week?

Or putting away a favourite toy for the rest of the day each time he does it?

Or maybe both of the above in tandem?

SmashleyHop Sun 01-Jun-14 16:46:47

My DD aged 2 does this- and she has a scream that would frighten a banshee. I think she does it because she is the baby and her older brothers can be a bit pushy. She can't physically do anything about it, but vocally she is queen. It is terrible though- so we've started removing her when she does it. If we are out we take her away from everyone else. If we are home she goes to her room, remove her from the table if it's during dinner ect.. It's starting to get better btw.

StackALee Mon 02-Jun-14 16:36:00

How would I give stickers for not screaming? Do I explain that if there is no screaming at all that day then he gets one? Or do I reward him with a sticker every time he speaks gently? we have only used stickers once and that was for potty training, in the end we discovered Quavers and chocolate buttons worked much better.

To be honest I was hoping this was just a phase but loads of the three year olds I know manage to get through life without screaming at people.

CharlesRyder Mon 02-Jun-14 19:49:01

I would break it into 'sessions' to get through difficult situations. So 'We are going to spend an hour in the park, if you don't scream you will get a sticker on your chart and chocolate.' 'If there is no screaming this mealtime you will get a sticker on your chart and chocolate.' 'We are going to a playdate, if there is no screaming you will get a sticker for your chart and chocolate.'

When you have 5 stickers you can choose a Hotwheel.. or whatever floats his boat.

Target the stickers at times you know the screaming is particularly problematic, like when it upsets other kids or disrupts other people's peace.

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