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16mo no words yet

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fourlegstwolegs Wed 21-May-14 15:33:08

Should I be worried? He makes a lot of noise and I think HE thinks he is talking, but it's all funny noises and babbling.
No words yet, and no Mama or Dada. He occasionally says those words but not in context.
He understands loads. He will go and fetch things if I ask him to and will come for dinner when I call him - so he isn't deaf!

mrsbucketxx Wed 21-May-14 15:36:52

please don't worry ds didnt really start properly talking till 2 and a half 16 months is still really young. the babbling etc is a good sign it will get better over time

Lisa3578 Wed 21-May-14 15:37:19

just give him the time he needs when he's ready. I wouldn't worry about it

runningonwillpower Wed 21-May-14 15:47:36

My son said his first word around 13 months and by 18 months had a pretty wide-ranging vocabulary but only in one-word sentences. By 24 months he was speaking in fluent sentences.

My daughter didn't say her first word until about 18 months yet by 24 months was speaking in fluent sentences.

A friend told me she didn't speak until she was about 24 months - she is one of the cleverest people I know.

We are all different.

TravellingToad Wed 21-May-14 15:54:39

I think I wrote your post 8 months ago.

DS is 2 this week and I was writin down all his words for his scrapbook and he speaks over 50 regularly. He does 3 word sentences but didn't say anything until 19 months. He just has exploded since then. You'll be surprised how much he will come on in the months until he is 2 (and beyond)

sewingandcakes Wed 21-May-14 16:02:50

Ds3 had me concerned until this month, when he started making efforts to say lots more. He's 23 months now, and his understanding has been present for a long time. I think if a child doesn't understand when you speak to them, or respond to their name, that's more of a concern.

I don't think you need to worry at this age.

Guin1 Wed 21-May-14 16:37:32

I don't think this is anything to be concerned about. The important things are that his receptive language (understanding) is good and that he wants to talk, hence all the babbling. My DS was exactly the same - he finally started saying a few words that we could understand (mostly "no" and "up") around 19mo and within a month had added about another 50!

CheekyResearcherNameChange Wed 21-May-14 16:41:59

Can I cheekily suggest that you have a look at our study:


It should give you a good idea of what he understands and what gestures he uses, which as others have said are really what it's about at this age.

Any questions do ask, and if you happen to have any friends in Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland (or indeed any friends at all) with babies the right age do beg and plead them to take part too.

neversleepagain Wed 21-May-14 21:10:44

My twins are 19 months. They were brought up exactly the same way at exactly the same time. Twin 1 has nearly 40 words and twin 2 just 8 words! All babies are different, try not to worry smile

naty1 Thu 22-May-14 13:19:44

I found picture books like of the my first words sort really good. Repetitive so my DD got the hang of a few words at a time.
Doinging animal noises

MiaowTheCat Fri 23-May-14 08:47:11

DD1 didn't have many recognisable words at that age - apart from NO! but loads of babbling away for hours on end and she was busy figuring out walking still... cracked walking coming up to 18 months and then almost overnight her talking absolutely exploded and she's really verbally quite advanced at just turned two now (full, really quite grammatically elaborate, sentences) and doesn't ever bloody shut up now! (She proclaimed her yoghurt "tasty, and absoloootee delishuss" this morning... well at least she's impressed with the catering arrangements around here)

IWillOnlyEatBeans Fri 23-May-14 15:53:11

DS2 is 17 months and doesn't say much either - he says around three words - yes, no, hello - but they are more like sounds really - yeahr, ooo, awoh.

My eldest was speaking in little sentences by this age!

WanderingTrolley1 Fri 23-May-14 17:40:21

My DS2 is almost 16 months and still nothing.

LovelyWeatherForDucks Sun 25-May-14 20:53:50

I had a friend over today who is a speech and language therapist with children - she mentioned that my 19mo (who has quite a few - but unclear- words) was doing quite well, but equally she wouldn't have been surprised if he didn't really have any words either. And babbling is a good sign. So I think anything is normal at this age!

fourlegstwolegs Thu 19-Jun-14 19:37:31

17 months now - still nothing! I expect he will come out with some kind of long soliloquy when he finally does speak!

Daveface Thu 19-Jun-14 19:43:53

My DD had nothing at 2!

By 2.5 I couldn't remember what it was like when she couldn't talk!!

WanderingTrolley1 Mon 23-Jun-14 11:54:39

My son is 17 months and not a single word.

fourlegstwolegs Mon 21-Jul-14 18:24:48

18 months now - lots of nonsensical babbling but still no words!

fourlegstwolegs Mon 18-Aug-14 13:22:22

19 months! Still no words. Unless jumping out from behind things and shouting "Boooo" counts?

Hedger Wed 20-Aug-14 14:45:18

Does he respond communicate with you non-verbally? i.e., does he make good eye contact, point, follow your point, etc? If so, and if he is understanding what you say, and babbling, I really think there is no need to worry - lots of children don't start speaking until 2 or so, some even 3. The main thing is that he communicates in other ways.

tobysmum77 Wed 20-Aug-14 22:53:24

dd said nothing till over 15 months and is apparently 'exceeding' for speech at the end of reception.

Once they start properly they learn seemingly tens of words a day. Therefore being able to say 'duck' at 12 months is in the grand scheme of things of very little account.

I really think 16 months is too early to worry.

TravellingToad Wed 20-Aug-14 23:05:56

My HV said they are much more concerned with level of understanding rather than speech until they are 2. How well does he follow commands ?

fourlegstwolegs Wed 27-Aug-14 14:02:19

I think he understands what I say, if I ask him to go and find his shoes he will, go get in the car etc. Plenty of eye contact and stuff. Lots of babbling!

Ellle Wed 27-Aug-14 18:49:45

Will follow this thread with interest.
We are in the same boat. DS2 is 19 months, but no proper words. Especially when compared to DS1 at the same age. Of course, I know all about how children are different and will do everything at their own pace and when they are ready.

Although, if you take into account the animal sounds, bus, train sounds, and the few words that he has said the one time and then never again you could stretch the list to 20 at most.

Many of them are just the first syllable of the word, but he uses them regularly enough for us to know which word is supposed to be.

Understanding is fine. Good eye contact, lots of pointing, follows complex commands, can answer where is the dog or cat, etc by pointing at the pictures in books. Lots of noise that sounds like he is talking to us, only it is not anything recognisable. So deep inside I know there is nothing to worry about. I just wish he was already talking, or that at least he would keep using the few words that he occasionally says more often so that I could feel his vocabulary is growing.

Hatetidyingthehouse Wed 27-Aug-14 20:29:51


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