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Teddies - muzzies - cuddlies - how?

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prettycandles Tue 23-Mar-04 15:10:59

I have a Klingon: dd thinks I'm her teddy bear! She'll sit or stand next to me, sucking her thumb while pinching/stroking/twiddling me - just like her brother does with his bear. It's all very well being attached to mummy, but how can I persuade her to get attached to something that I can leave with her?

Bozza Tue 23-Mar-04 15:21:34

Dunno my DS has never had a comforter. His ideal method of comfort would be for me to be stood up holding him in my arms. Doesn't happen very often these days - he is an hefty 3yo with a heavily pregnant weakling for a mother. But its what he wanted when coming round from his op for instance and at other times when I've cuddled him for comfort "stand up mummy".

How old is your DD?

hercules Tue 23-Mar-04 15:30:02

CBBC? I swore ds would never watch powerrangers. Then I discovered he would sit and watch it for 20 minutes at a time. It was a Godsend. Bad mummy.
btw he's now 8 and has no violent tendencies at all.

prettycandles Tue 23-Mar-04 20:20:47

Yeah, I too swore never to use the square babysitter. I've almost kept my word: they watch videos, but not actual TV. Thank goodness for that 20 minute window of opportunity! Unfortunately I can't give her a video to help her go to sleep, or to keep her going when a nap is late, or take with her when I leave her in a creche etc. In any case, the instant she clocks that I'm leaving, she won't want to watch it!

Evita Tue 23-Mar-04 20:27:57

My dd's almost 18 months and she's always had an 'independent' means of self comfort as well as being a bit of a cling on on occasion too! I think it started early at about 3 months when she used to suck her thumb to get herself to sleep etc., then she gave that up and moved straight onto a rather horrible toy cow that her grandmother got her. Affections have gradually shifted now to a range of about 9 cuddly things, each of which are named and taken in turns to be the favoured friend for a trip out or to go to bed etc. She's so attached to her toys that she insists on taking one for a bath every evening and shares her food with them. I've worried on occasion that she's too attached to this little tribe of hers but hey, what can I do about it?

Ghosty Tue 23-Mar-04 20:41:18

DS is 4 and a quarter and still sleeps with a muzzie ...
He becoem attached to them because he spent the first few weeks of his life being permanently wiped up by them as he was a sicky baby ...

prettycandles Tue 23-Mar-04 21:20:04

Ds almost always seemed to be able to put himself to sleep, perhaps because he sucked his fingers consistently from about 4m, but he 'fixed' on one of his bears at about 8m, and we haven't looked back since. It's wonderful that he can sleep almost anywhere as long as he has his bear. That bear got a lot of serious loving after his sister was born!

Dd doesn't alwways use her thumb to help her get to sleep, but we have no problems at bedtime, just at naptime and if I want to leave her anywhere. It would solve the problem if my boobs were detachable!

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