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Anger Management needed for 2.5yr old son?

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GTLH Tue 13-May-14 17:11:23

My son who is due to be 3 in July seems to have some Anger issues, when he doesn't get his own way.... I know you will all say its normal tantrums are standard cos they get frustrated etc etc, but my son seems to get quite violent with it, hitting, biting and starts to shout quite angrily if he gets wound up about the issue... It does tend to be when he is tired.

Is this just a phase, will he grow out of it when he comes to an age when he can understand that he wont always get his own way...

I am worried because I am thinking of putting him into nursery when he turns 3 but don't want him to get bullied if the other kids figure out that he loses his temper when wound up about things....

Is there a way I can teach him to control this, or am I being over concerned, as he is generally a happy little chappy.

Think I just need reassurance that it is a normal developmental stage...

CortanaFights Tue 13-May-14 17:41:10

If you're concerned it's never a harm to pop along and see your GP, but he sounds very normal to me.

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