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Dd upset as she "thinks" a friend drove past

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MegCleary Tue 13-May-14 16:44:24

And may have seen her with her top off getting changed.

She is only six and was looking out the window upstairs when changing and started sobbing saying a car went past and a friend may have seen her.

I calmed her down said doubtful anyone could see from that far etc

Explained that's pretty much less than they would see when they all change together for pe!

We are fairly free and easy at home with getting dressed etc so bodies not hidden.

Am I missing something, is it just the start of shyness. We discussed how lovely bodies are and they know bums and vaginas are private and no one is allowed to touch them there and if someone is making you uncomfortable you tell them to stop and tell an adult.

Peacenquiet2 Wed 14-May-14 00:11:18

I wouldnt worry about her reaction too much. I have a dd whos 8 in october but has no sense of feeling embarressed when undressed (as yet), will happily bath with cousins, ds and us. I am however expecting that to change in the not too distant future as she becomes more aware.
Yet when i was 6 i became uncredibly concious of anyone seeing me undressed and refused to let anyone see me naked apart from my mum. Nothing triggered this, it was just my own thinking. I remember vividly my mum suggesting i take off my top to swim in the sea on holiday at 6 and refused point blank. The idea someone may see my 'boobs' was unthinkable to me.
I think maybe she has just become body aware/concious at a young age and you are doing all the right things by reassuring her, taking a relaxed attitude to nakedness etc, whilst also ensuring she knows her private parts are exactly that.
I can confidently say almost 30 years on i am alot more relaxed about the idea of being seen naked so it didnt last and im sure it wont for your dd either.
Id just reiterate what you are already saying to her and hopfully she will forget about it sooner than you think.

MegCleary Wed 14-May-14 21:53:14

Thank you for replying she seems fine today might have to get more in tune with 6 year old girls.

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