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3.5 year old hates playing on his own

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eighout Tue 13-May-14 11:46:26

Oh good advice, thanks

LastingLight Tue 13-May-14 11:36:15

If you put "play on own" in the search field at the top you will get other threads with good tips.

eighout Tue 13-May-14 10:28:46

He says 'play with me' repeatedly every time he is on his own. We have tried lots of strategies but none, currently, are helping. He doesn't seem to know what to do on his own, but is fine with toys when amongst other kids or adults. Not an issue at nursery just at home (grandparents too). Some weird association? We've used timer/ setting him, ebbing away etc. He just drifts around or lies down on the sofa, calling out 'Play with me.'

Any thoughts? Apart from the obvious (impossible to play with him all the time, and undesirable) he needs to learn skills to play independently.

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