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Can anyone help me please?

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Aliconnor1974 Mon 12-May-14 21:48:13

Wondering if anyone out there can help me with a problem?
My son is 5. His Dad had another baby a few months ago with his new girlfriend.
Since then his Dad tells me there was an occasion whereby our son went out into the garden and had a poo and then last night had a wee on his bedroom floor!
He doesn't act like this with me and I have suggested maybe he is feeling a little left out and is attention seeking and maybe they need some father and son time together.
His Dad also runs his own business and I fear he has little time for him at the moment.
Have tried talking to my son, but he refuses to discuss it with me.
Does anyone have any experience of something similar?

ScarlettSahara Mon 12-May-14 22:14:21

Hi. Not had direct experience of this but I have heard of it hapenning and I believe you are absolutely right. Feel sorry for you OP it must be difficult for you and your little boy.
I would try and arrange for him to have some one on one with his Dad but also how about you and your DS go on a shopping trip to choose something for your son and the new baby. How about talking to your ex and suggest a small gift from the new baby to your DS?

This may take time to work at it but I am sure your DS just needs lots of reassurance and focus on him for a bit. Rest assured it is totally normal. smile

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