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Could this be teething? Or sleep regression? What is going on?!?

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Sickandtired14 Sun 11-May-14 20:23:03

Hi, have a 21 month old girl. Don't want to drop feed so might be long.

She was never good at bedtime but a few months back I successfully trained her. Do her routine, lights off in her bed, leave her to it.... She would accept it and lay there and go to sleep. No crying, no talking. Nothing. BLISS!!

But no more. The past 3 nights and nap times she has done everything she can to draw out the bedtime process and once placed in her bed she cries and shouts and screams and calls 'daddy daddy daddy' over and over - bit mummy cos I am much tougher then him (prob part of the problem right there!!)

Her routine is: pyjamas, milk (although she is dropping this), brush teeth, into sleep bag, turn on monitor, turn on music, switch off lights and lay her down and we leave. Now she wants water, but then she wants us to fill her bottle up. Then she wants teething gel, then she wants sanitiser gel, then this then that then this and that etc... Anything and everything she can think of to not be in her bed!! Once we do put her down, like I said, she screams and cries and yells til she falls asleep. Last night, after an hour of this, we gave in and got her up and she played for an hour and then was so tired she slept easily.

Could this be down to teething? Or a sleep regression? It's just so strange and horrible sad it's a battle again that we had started to get past!!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

NorthEasterlyGale Mon 12-May-14 09:20:02

Sounds like separation anxiety to me - think we went through something similar with DS1 around 18 months. If I remember right, it lasted a few weeks and then things went back to normal. I just kept staying with him while he feel asleep and then one night he was okay with me leaving him awake again.

It will pass - grit your teeth!

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