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help me entertain my 18mo!

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Donnadoon Mon 12-May-14 21:34:23

Get a shoe box, stab some holes in the top, and buy a pack of small craft size pom poms to push through the holes smile dd loves this
Also she dug out my older children's connect 4 game and enjoys posting them in the slot
Great now that she doesn't put things in her mouth anymore much

minipie Mon 12-May-14 12:23:07

It's hard isn't it? Things my 18 mo DD currently likes (quite a few involve toys though)

- throwing and retrieving a ball (a squishy one that can't do much damage)
- riding her scuttlebug
- watching me cook/unload dishwasher etc esp if she can "help" or copy
- "drawing"
- putting on hats and looking at herself in the mirror
- going for a walk - this takes forever so not if you actually have an errand but just a walk round the block
- watching birds in the garden
- "reading" - noisy/lift the flap books are great as she can interact with them by herself

slightlyconfused85 Sun 11-May-14 12:49:38

thank you for the suggestions Jilted - I can do playdoh!

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 11-May-14 11:41:09

You hate baking, how about buying or making some playdo and letting her play with that?

Swimming is good (especially as they usually have a big nap aftersmile

Are there any playgroups near to you?

Have you been to any nct groups?

There's some good suggestions here that you might find interesting smile

slightlyconfused85 Sun 11-May-14 11:09:30

My 18mo DD seems to be going through a little phase of not wanting to play with her toys. I can get her to play for a couple of minutes then it's all over pretty quickly. I'm struggling to find stuff for us to do, she likes puzzles so we do those, she has just started to like scribbling with crayons and we get out and about to the park if it's dry. If I do cleaning she quite likes following me about but still struggling to fill the day and my girl gets quite moany when bored and not really at an entertaining herself stage. Any ideas? I hate baking so would prefer not to do too much of this!!!

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