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Going NUTS!!

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Poshers Sat 10-May-14 15:30:30

Please can someone give me some advice. I am at the end off my tether & really don't know what to do. My 5.5 Month DS screams all day unless I carry him. I end up going out all day in either the car or buggie, train or bus as my back won't take much more (he has been like this from day 1)

He will not play for any period of time on his own, I have tried play mat, Jumperoo, Lamaze Toys, home made toys from plastic bottles with rice/pasta, we go to baby groups & baby sensory ... which only works if I hold him the whole time. He loves swimming as I am in the water holding him the whole time.

Today I nearly lost my mind as I needed to put some washing on, I put him down safely on the play mat and he screamed until I picked him up again.

Am I going to have this forever??? My back can't take much more sad((

He feeds well (still only milk) we start weaning next week & I don't know how the fuck I am going to prepare food & put him in a high chair as how will I put him down for 5mins?? He also cries if I stop the car engine, or stop pushing him in the buggy.

He does sleep ok (ish) at night, he doesn't nap well in the day, I have tried everything but won't go for longer than 30mins at a time other than morning nap which is 1hr which is a fucking holiday to me!!

I am so exhausted by 6:30pm I can't wait for us to both go to bed (he dream feeds at 10) I then can't sleep as I dread the screaming that's coming the next day.

He has been like this from Day 1 so is it teething (from birth?!?) Tummy Ache? Growth spurt? Hunger? HATES ME?

Help sad(

Ps .. I'm a lone parent so no break

Wellwellwell3holesintheground Sat 10-May-14 15:51:26

It won't last forever, I promise. How many 23 year olds do you know that have to be constantly held? grin

Joking apart, food will help. It will keep him occupied. If you're anywhere near me send him round. DD (10) is booooored and she loves holding babies. Have you got any friends or family nearby?

Doingeverythingican Sat 10-May-14 17:51:02

He definitely does not hate you, and will probably be better when he can crawl/ walk/ move around. My DS loves being in my arms or close to me so he will play if I'm sitting next to or behind him. I got him a walker which I put in my teeny tiny kitchen when I cook so he just follows me round? Might work for you?

naty1 Sat 10-May-14 17:52:25

Some babies do seem to just need holding.
Mine had an allergy to soya and would never lie flat unless fed to sleep or exhausted.
She got into the jumperoo about 5-6m.
We used a baby swing when she was little (amazing) i could eat etc but not sure when she grew out of this.
Are you putting him down sat up yet as sitting really helped dd as i think it was the reflux but also gave her something to do.
Now she plays a lot by herself, 23m so it can get a lot better, it may depend on the cause.
He may be crawling from 6m so that would also be good distraction.

notadoctor Sun 11-May-14 01:53:11

I know it's a bit of a mumsnet cliche but have you got a sling/ baby carrier? I wasn't sure from your post if you were already using one or holding him in your arms... At that age my DD had a side-sling which meant I could carry her on my hip. It was really comfy and made getting on with jobs much easier while she still got to enjoy the closeness.

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