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Where have the last 12 months gone - my little grl is 1 tomorrow!

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MammyShirl Mon 22-Mar-04 20:57:43

and i cant beleive it! i really cant beleive she has been here twelve months. i looked at soem videos of her of when she was a few months old and my heart melted...
i dont want time to go this quick, wish i could freeze her for a while.

i am just about to make her birthday cake, got the recipe from "what to expect... the first yesr" - love those books. this recipe has no eggs as i've not introduced them yet and her friends are younger.

hope it goes well, she has six friends coming over for her first birthday party, ive even bought a present for "pass the parcel". was not sure about treats so i got lots of different baby biscuits, cheese sticks and fruit.

i cant get over how quick a year goes, ive not even got around to doing my pelvic floors or stomach cruncies. keep promising myself ill start next week. - ah well... better start on the next one soon...

Hulababy Mon 22-Mar-04 21:00:56

Happy birthday to your DD! Hope you and her have a lovely day

Janh Mon 22-Mar-04 21:04:48

Pass the parcel??? Good luck, mammyshirl!

Hope you all have a great day though. It does just fly by, doesn't it!

Crazymamma Mon 22-Mar-04 21:07:06

happy birthday to your dd and congratulations to you
I know exactly how you feel, my dd turned one last month and I still don't know exactly when it is that she grew up. I looked at the pictures of her birth just last night and couldn't believe that it is the same child that is sleeping inside right now.
What I can say is that although the time flew by, I am sure that you can pat yourself on the back when you see how beautifully your dd has turned out and what an interesting little person she has become. I know that is how I feel when I look at mine (regardless of how insane she can make me feel at times as I'm sure yours does too)

Good luck with the party.

charlieplus3 Mon 22-Mar-04 21:08:31

Happy Birthday to your little one. Hope you both have a wonderful day. First birthdays are very special. My Ds coming up for her 2nd and i too look back at the pictures and get such a tug on the old heart strings.

ScummyMummy Mon 22-Mar-04 21:11:31

Happy birthday BabyShirl. I will look forward to hearing all about the pass the parcel too.

JanHR Mon 22-Mar-04 21:12:13

Happy birthdat to your DD fro tomorrow. My DD wil be 2 in August and I don't know where the time has gone or what I did before I had her.

LIZS Tue 23-Mar-04 08:55:28

ooh Mammyshirl, I know that feeling! Happy 1st birthday Baby Shirl ! ds is 6 today and looks really big - I miss my baby!

I'm sure you'll have a great day but be prepared to shed a silent tear for the newborn memories. As for the pelvic floor and stomach crunchies, don't be too hard on yourself, mine are still waiting but just about survived dd who is 2.5 !! One day I'll be toned again.....

Have a lovely day !

lailag Tue 23-Mar-04 09:28:24

dd was 1 yesterday. My 11 wk scan was abnormal and went through pregnancy knowing she was at increased risk of "structural or mental abnormality".
Well, she has turned out to be a healhy, gorgeous little girl!!!

cas1968 Tue 23-Mar-04 12:00:18

Happy Birthday to your dd. Mine will be 13 months tomorrow. It is amazing how quickly they grow isn't it?, but be warned........the second year will fly even faster than the first with all the new skills she will be learning. Soon you will have a walking, talking little girl

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