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what activities for 11mo

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tequilacream Thu 08-May-14 23:11:14

I to take my LO (11 mo, 6 weeks prem) to messy babies, some music, rhymetime and play groups, do a bit of baby signing, swimming, read a book, play with a ball, let him play on his rocking horse, go for walks, but it all seems like not enough. He is easily bored, unless I switch on baby tv, which he watches transfixed (worried). When he's bored he's on a very short fuse and becomes grumpy. Will only sit in his jumperoo for 3 minutes and is bored again.
Oh, meant to say - he doesn't walk or crawl, but will sit up when sat down - if that makes sense.
What else can I do? What do others do with their babies?

mrsmalcolmreynolds Thu 08-May-14 23:21:56

Have you got any toys to encourage him to move? My DS is also 11m but started crawling at 8m and he was immediately happier and easier to occupy. If yours is sitting well then lots of the muscles for crawling will be well developed so perhaps toy cars or other wheeled things he might like to chase?

ArtFine Fri 09-May-14 15:40:42

Yes, once he is crawling it will get easier, they'll entertain themselves too.

My DD who is the same age, loves to look over her books, open the flaps and pretend she is reading. I also hide some toys away and take them out after a couple if days, that way they are 'new' to her, and plays with them better.

DD also only sits in the jumperoo for a couple of min!

ArtFine Fri 09-May-14 15:42:19

Btw I don't do as much as you do (we done you!). But DD likes to watch me cook and clean and loves to follow me to the bathroom. If I don't let her in, she bangs away on the door! confused

ArtFine Fri 09-May-14 15:42:52

Well done you*

naty1 Fri 09-May-14 23:14:37

Yes encourage him to crawl.
Use his frustration/boredom to motivate him.

vichill Sun 11-May-14 19:52:43

my 10 mo dd loves being on my hip watching me cook, wash up one handedly, walking around the garden etc. this is the only time shes quiet and seems to ve thinking.

toys and tv only entertain for a minute then she's off literally climbing the walls. much prefers us singing, dancing and shouting.

you do loads more activities than me. I cant even be arsed go to baby groups.

tequilacream Wed 14-May-14 15:31:23

Thanks ladies! Will try as soon as he feels better. Has had ha cold for the last 10 days or so.

soupmaker Wed 14-May-14 16:40:15

My DD2 loves her basket of bits and bobs. I've bunged in some toys and kitchen bits, wooden spoons, plastic containers, etc, and squares of different material. She can spend half an hour taking things out and playing with them. I just rotate a few toys every few days.

Worth a try.

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