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Should I stop potty training?

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loopyloopster Thu 08-May-14 22:41:12

DD is 24months - we started potty training yesterday afternoon since she asked for a potty and pants and told us she was a "big girl"! Started with a few wee accidents in pants which upset her a little as she didn't like being wet, then today no accidents since 8am but she held her wee in almost all day!

Despite clearly needing a wee she would just hop on and off the potty without doing anything and got quite upset and uncomfortable. I tried reading books to her and let her sit on the potty in front of the tv to see if she'd relax and let go. I put her in a nappy for her nap which she promptly pooed in and then immediately wanted changing. Stood up and started weeing (lots of crying) - managed to catch some in the potty which she seemed v pleased with! Had a wet nappy after her nap but not sopping. Held on all afternoon and through her bath - am assuming her nighttime nappy is now very wet!

She shows all the signs of being ready but I didn't expect her to hold on for so long or get so upset...should I put her back in nappies or persevere? I don't want her to get a complex!

Thanks x

HauntedNoddyCar Thu 08-May-14 22:54:58

I'd give it 72 hours. Ds's first 48 hours were awful with nothing in the potty. Third day we did get one or two in. Day 4 was totally different and he got it.

MillyMollyMama Fri 09-May-14 01:13:01

24 months is pretty young really. Do you want all the hassle for months on end? I would definitely wait and go back to nappies. Sometimes a 24 month old will tell you what you want to hear but does not have the more advanced reasoning to carry out what they say they want. She does not sound particularly ready to me, but I was not prepared to spend hours catching wee and weeks mopping up! Mine potty trained in a couple of days, but much later.

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