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Not interested in many toys

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Tenochtitlan Thu 08-May-14 17:26:00

My 19 month old ds is very particular about what he plays with. He is obsessed with cars and pushing things (chairs, walkers) around, but offer him something different he bats it away, without even looking at it properly. He can be very jolly, but also very grumpy (especially if he can't get the car he wants, in fact he'll shriek the place down) loves running around, songs and clapping hands, good eye contact, loves tickles, but it just seems odd he is not interested in looking at new stuff. He also doesnt say more than hello or dada which wouldn't worry me in itself as my eldest only had a couple of words at this age, but he speaks very well now.

Should I be concerned?

Tenochtitlan Thu 08-May-14 20:42:12

Also he is not interested in going on riding things at playgroups or trikes. At playbarns, all he wants to do is wander among the tables or go in the kitchen or toilets.

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