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Short tempered 14m old

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sophiad Thu 08-May-14 10:26:38

Hi, just a bit of advice pls. My nearly 14m old daughter seems to have really changed past couple of weeks. She's usually very content and happy and doesn't make a fuss over anything. But recently has been throwing tantrums when things taken away or told no, getting angry with toys. Been very clingy with me and when my partner comes in from work will run away from him and not let him cuddle her (or won't let him cuddle me!). I feel like I'm doing something wrong and am wondering where my happy girl went sad
I'm thinking might just be that frustration phase where they want to do everything but can vocalise it ?!

carolinementzer Thu 08-May-14 11:00:12

It may be a faze after all she learning to assert herself but can't properly express herself yet. Another explanation could be teething? My daughter was a delight usually but would turn into godzilla when she had a tooth pushing through.

I don't know your stance on this, but we had great results with Bach flower remedies which are safe for little ones. Even rescue remedy when their throwing a tantrum for her (and you!) is a good one. Here's my blog post on this subject if you're interested -
Good luck and best wishes

Koothrapanties Thu 08-May-14 12:42:14

I think distraction is the way forward. She isn't old enough to understand if you tell her to calm down etc, you are best to just keep it upbeat and move on to something else. The more you acknowledge the tantrum, the worse it will get.

sophiad Thu 08-May-14 13:21:46

Thank u for replies. I did think teething, but she's showing no other of her normal signs so maybe it's just frustration. I just ignore the tantrum usually because as u say koot, she won't understand if I try to chastise her anyway. I just want my innocent little baby back ;)

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